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I am short- black hair with red streaks- brown eyes- full figured- 34 D - yea I have tits.. and I also have ass.. but whatever.. its just flesh... I JUST moved here from CT (the other side of the bloody country!) on January 13 and since I'm a newbie I have no life!- No friends, not here anyway, No Snuggle Bunny, No Job, no spiffy places to chill ...Yet and so I do not know anyone or anything about this Reno place which seems to be a very large neon-glowing city yet SOMEHOW seems to be in the middle of nowhere!! Thats All I know of it Other then it is an "aholic's" paradise~~ 24/7 Booze, gambling, sex, beautiful half naked women! damn what else could a Connecticut girl ask for! My life is COMPLETE! haha, ok no but really,..

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